Prophet Owuor’s close confidant succumbs to arthitis after resisting medication

Pastor Fridah Tangara, a Senior Pastor in Prophet Owuor’s Repentance and Holiness Ministry has died.

Fridah, who is the wife to one of Owuor’s Senior most Bishops succumbed to arthritis while undergoing treatment in India.

According to Owuor, he had already healed Ms Fridah many years ago, and there was therefore no need for medication.

A YouTube Video with Fridah’s ‘healing testimony’ reveals that Fridah was due for surgery. Owuor’s “prayer’ however convinced her to abandon medication.

Watch the Video here

A few months ago, Mama Rosa, a woman in West Pokot died after claims of having been resurrected by the ‘Mightiest Prophet’.

Mama Rosa succumbed to arthritis, again having been convinced to abandon medication after Owuor ‘resurrected’ her.

At the time of her death, Rosa was hosted at one Bishop’s home in Eldoret, where she was ‘recording her resurrection testimony.’


This casts a lot of doubts on Owuor’s miracles, at a time when he is holding a healing crusade in Nakuru this weekend.

About Fridah Tangara

“Moses Tangara, Fridah’s husband is the Treasurer of Kings Outreach Church, the other name for Owuor’s Ministry of Repentance and Holiness.

He was the Bishop in charge of Donholm ‘altar’. Tangara is a family man; he has adult children and even grandchildren. His wife is, or rather was Fridah Omwangale Tangara.

Many Owuorians present and past have fond memories of this lady. Fridah Tangara passed on yesterday morning, that is August 15, 2019 in a foreign land. She had been flown to India following complications from a ‘minor’ surgery.

Fridah was not exactly old. She was in her fifties. We know this because a video we are sharing dated 2009 she mentions that doctors had told her she would not live to see 50 with her osteoarthritis.

This means back then she was not yet in her fifties. Add ten years and you find she couldn’t have hit 60. Towards the end of the clip you can see from her Nairobi Hospital records that she was 42 years young.

In the clip you can see her with the then ‘holy’ attire that are closer to a hijab. She is testifying about her healing.

Testimonies necessitate sharing medical conditions with the public. So from this clip we know she had osteoarthritis. Mama Rosa suffered some form of Arthritis as well.

Owuor is heard saying that God showed him Friday’s healing TWICE in a dream, and he sent for and prayed for her. Fridah describes a fuzzy feeling all over her body upon being laid hands on.

Was Fridah healed?

Those who know Fridah know of her left knee. She struggled with it till her death yesterday. Owuor insisted she was healed, Fridah claimed she was healed but obviously she was not.

We are not speculating but the ‘minor’ surgery that sent her to India is most certainly related with this knee problem that never went away.

While in India, Owuor assured Moses Tangara that “it is well”, the infamously ambiguous line that can be and has been invoked regardless of the outcome; recovery or no recovery.

Owuor assured him that his wife would recover, that she was healed. Tangara clung to that hope even as his wife who had slipped into a coma weeks before died.

Dr. Kasepoi the idiot who lied that he was writing a journal of Mama Rosa’s death reversal flew to India to see the Tangaras. He was there when Fridah passed on.

Recently, Kenya lost three prominent individuals to cancer. This made cancer a daily topic all over the land. You are almost glad that the rich and the prominent are succumbing because they push us into action.

Otherwise, had it been one of the many faceless unfortunate cases, nothing would have moved. Fridah Tangara was a prominent member of Owuor’s church. This was a prominent family.

Same Script

There are countless others who never receive their healings. And among the few who claim to do, many relapse back right after cameras go off and the Orange Fanta is over.

We all know of the law of diminishing marginal returns. For Owuor to draw the same size of a crowd he has to make more and more deranged claims.

At one point he shamelessly lied that he healed 633 cripples but nobody has ever seen more than a handful of disabled followers pretending to be whole.

Every time there is a meeting he has to make more and more trips to the tree of life in his hallucinations. When trees don’t suffice he plunders the fruits. Since they are so many God puts them in a basket. He goes for the barks and even branches.

Owuor knows the turn out depends on his hyping. He can’t stop. He also has to report many healings. He has to manufacture fake claims just to keep puppies excited.

Fridah Tangara is just but a victim of diminishing marginal returns. Sick followers are told they are healed. They are taken off drugs. So desperate bare they to prove they are healed that they quit medication.

Fridah avoided surgery ten years ago. These conditions never improve on themselves. Arthritis just gets worse with time necessitating even bigger surgery to contain it. So when she finally came to terms with Owuor’s impotence it was too late.

When Mama Rosa died we wondered why Owuor for all his trips to tree of life which he guards as the two Cherubim could not help her.

Mama Rosa remained under drugs for all the 18 months since her fake resurrection his from the public except during magic shows where towards the end of her life she could not even stand on her own.

Imagine being wheeled to a healing Thanksgiving at Riverside while bedridden!

When Mrs. Gilbert Kimutai’s wife succumbed to cancer Owuor claimed to have healed her we again wondered why all the trips to the tree of life could not save her.

The Lessons

Fridah Tangara’s death is a sad reminder of the tragic consequences of faked and forced healings, false promises and divinations.

For each Fridah there are hundreds who despite sleek videos showing their healing go on and die long after the cameras and lights have gone off.

They all die telling themselves, “Let Owuor be true and Jesus Christ and every man a liar”.

They’d rather blame everything and nothing for Owuor’s impotence. Owuor must remain in that high pedestal of sinlessness come death or cancer or Arthritis.

Because of our high poverty and illiteracy coupled with poor healthcare system, Kenya will never run out of gullible desperate sick folk who after losing all hope will chase wind and lies if that promises to alleviate their pain.

There will always be more Fridahs and Mama Rosas but they will never exceed the desperate masses eager to be fooled and exploited and paraded on sleek videos turned into ‘documentaries’ and uploaded on YouTube for all and sundry.

Fridah won’t be the last and nor was she the first. And isn’t it ironical that she dies on the eve of the Menengai 3 meeting?

Why would Owuor seek the sick from all over while those close to him are perishing? I hope the surviving followers will wake up. They could easily be next.

Something else, observe how Owuor will , as is his custom, manage this embarrassment.

He will either dismiss it as judgment and pretend to have never assured Moses Tangara of his wife’s full recovery, or he will, like in Mama Rosa’s case claim to have seen her mansion in heaven, and he actually handed her the keys.

Owuor is not about to admit fault. One dead person is not worth the thousands still worshipping him.

Dead followers are a huge liability to Owuor, but he can grab this and make a lemonade; claim that he was shown the deaths.

Do you recall he predicted the death of one of his church leaders?

Go well Fridah.

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