Prophet Owuor is now running away from Kenya. Here is the reason.

The man who has recently made headlines for dozens of controversies has finally decided to depart from Kenya, his homeland.

According to a broadcast on his Jesus is Lord Radio on Wednesday afternoon, Prophet Owuor disclosed that he would be leaving to an unknown destination soon.

Owuor accuses Kenya of among other things, blackmail and attempted assassination against him. As a result, the controversial Prophet says that God is now taking him to a land far away from Kenya, probably Israel.

In the same broadcast, Owuor also revealed intriguing details about the many times he has survived assassination attempts in Kenya.

This he says includes a car bomb targeting him in 2004, poisoned arrows shot at him in Kericho, poisoning of food and snipers sent by haters to eliminate him a number of times without success.

Prophet Owuor also accuses the Kenyan Media Houses of continuous character assassination, which he says makes it hard for him to operate any longer in the country.

Owuor was recently accused by the family of one once brilliant lawyer Jayne Muthoni of brainwashing their kin and enriching himself using her properties.

Owuor however denies the accusations, terming them a creation of media houses paid to tarnish his name.

Because of these reasons, Owuor now says goodbye to Kenya.

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It is not known whether Owuor will be jetting out of the country before or after his much publicised Sunday Conference at Central Park this coming Sunday.

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