Prophet Owuor’s Nairobi Bishop caught up in a messy sex scandal


Welcome to Nairobi County, Embakasi Central Constituency. We really love visitors.

And like any other good host, its our duty to show you around, giving you all the necessary tips to survive here.

Ours is one of the densely populated estate in Nairobi. In this estate, we are used to mugging, robbery with minimal violence and drug peddling as a way of life.

Streets with crater-like potholes, massive piles of garbage litter along the sewer line and our crowded corridors.

But we have lived so for many years. We are therefore not complaining.

Comes ‘Prophet’ Owuor, the saviour to humanity.

About 4 years ago, a different type of church visited us. They sang beautiful hymns. They promised us heaven after our sufferings here on earth.

They dressed differently. They rebuked sex about 24 times every time they preached.

Some of us believed them. We took our families to their Church. We allowed our daughters attend night vigils there.

Little did we know that they were wolves dressed in sheepskin.

Now we are used to sex scandals popping up everyday.

Just when we were learning to live with it, comes Magati. Our Magati is a ‘powerful’ preacher. He breathes fire wherever he goes.

You never heard him ‘rebuking’ women for their scanty dressing in his crusades. We really loved it.

If you want to know what a ‘powerful’ preacher looks like, watch this short video.

Magati is preaching at the Greenspan Tuskys Supermarket during their Joram Kamau day sometimes in August 2018.

Magati is speaking about the devil attacking the Temple. Magati wants to reveal to his audience something about the fall in other churches, starting from their Pastors.

“The people who are born again are dressed more immorally than the muslims. Amevaa sketi imeshika yeye matako anataka kuonyesha kila mtu mapaja yake matiti yake ime hang huku anataka watu wote waone wamtamani.” rants the holy Mr. Magati.

“Mapaja tunajua kazi yake, tunajua kazi ya mapaja na haiko kanisani” says magati in Swahili. (we know the importance of them hips, but not in Church).

Bishop Magati, Kayole Main Altar
Martin Magati, Bishop at ‘Prophet’ Owuor’s Kayole Church

And yes, if there be a man who knows the beauty of experiencing a variety of women’s hips, then it’s one Bishop Magati.

Magati has been a loyal servant inside Owuor’s camp. He created a Twitter account on January 4th, when there was real need to defend his lord, ‘Prophet’ Owuor.

The outspoken Bishop immediately joined a park of other twitter bots in attacking the media for publishing the details of Owuor’s lies about the president sending him a chopper.

“Mine is very simple, now that you have gone this low and cannot be trusted any longer by the society on the information matters, I’ll simply not feed my eyes and ears with your fake new anymore. Monopoly is over.” said Magati on Twitter.

“Are you aware that trust is built, you may take many year to build it and only 1 second to bring destroy it completely. You have just lost mine.”

And now that Magati viciously defended Owuor, could it be the right time for the ‘prophet’ to pay him back?

Magati accused the Kenyan media of lack of credibility, truthful and reliable journalism.

“You are a shame to the Nation, The Academic Credentials of Your journalists are questionable.” He said.

And so,

Magati managed to unveil the hidden treasures inside those long skirts plus coats, not miniskirts.

The same sins Magati has been ranting about in crusades finally caught up with him, fast enough.

Owuor and his gang are careful not to cause more panic to his congregation, especially after the Gitonga drama in Kasarani.

Magati has been sexually involved with among others a 24-year old woman in his Church for several months now.

Just what happened to the ‘biblically brainwashed’ Magati, nobody knows.

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