Prophet Owuor vs Bob Collymore, Joyce Laboso and Ken Okoth

Prophet Owuor claims to have cursed Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore, Kibra MP Ken Okoth and Bomet Governor Dr. Joyce Laboso with cancers that led to their death.

In a Live broadcast on his Jesus is Lord Radio lasting several hours on Tuesday morning, the former cancer research specialist now claims to have unleashed his ‘prophetic wrath’ upon Kenyans for continually ignoring him as the only messenger sent from God.

Prophet Owuor curses Kenya with cancers

“I see more Kenyans filling up the hospitals. I curse this nation with cancers if you will not all come to me with your leaders. I see all the types of cancers now coming to afflict Kenyans. You cannot contest with me”, adds the ‘dreadful prophet’.

Below is the audio recording of Owuor’s call as broadcasted on Jesus is Lord Radio this morning.

The three prominent personalities have however had a long battle with cancer, something that completely throws Owuor’s 2017 ‘prophecy’ out. Dr. Joyce Laboso, for instance, suffered colon cancer for 28 years, a battle she bore silently until she succumbed on July 29, 2019.

“Kenya is quite liberal. We have freedom of expression and religion. You can worship anything or nothing.” Says Ikev Ivooke on Facebook. “But this is not religion, Owuor has left religion and is busy taking a dump on public health. His worshippers need protection from this lunacy. The ailing amongst them are going to seek for a solution elsewhere other than in modern medicine; they will go to him for healing as many have to their own damnation.”

“It’s high time the government of Kenya stepped in to save Kenyans from this madness of mocking the sick in the name of freedom of religion.”

“And to you Owuor, you have a prostrate just like any other man, and you are nothing but a mere mortal. In fact you are worse, you are deranged. You are sick. You are not immune from these diseases you pretend to heal while not busy cursing others with.

Memorize this verse because you are about to live it:
“Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein: and he that rolleth a stone, it will return upon him.” Proverbs 26:27 (KJV)

You will not mock the sick, the dead and the bereaved and get away with it. May God avenge every victim of your psychosis!

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3 thoughts on ““I cursed Joyce Laboso, Ken Okoth and Bob Collymore for disobeying me”, Prophet Owuor.”

  1. it is only Yahweh who knows about the live of a ate the most false and satanic prophets.plz stop what you are doing and repent

  2. The Almighty is very merciful and provides even for those who openly transgress against him. So who is Owuor to curse people. This is blackmail, do not be blackmailed by him pray directly to the Almighty God who created you who provides your me and Owuor the oxygen that we breath who knows what loes in store for us in the next minute. Owuor neither knows if a fly will land on his jacket next moment nor the one that is already landed on his back.

  3. Wapi amelani mtu kwa kumtaja jina watch out don’t demonize what you don’t understand it cost you nothing to keep quiet and it cost you much to publish lies.the key message is repent or else the LORD will judge you

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Monday, Jan 27, 2020
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