Prophet Owuor advised them not to take ARVs. Are they are still alive?


HIV/AIDS is such an emotive subject. It’s also an area that several ‘healers’ have really exploited.

Both traditional ‘healers’ and ‘miracle workers’ seem to be feeding on the vulnerability of the many victims of the disease.

In Kenya, only one of the so called faith healers are confident enough to display their trade in public.

And that’s none other than the MIGHTIEST, MIGHTIEST PROPHET DR. OWUOR.

Assisting him successfully run the trade is a contingent of doctors, clinical officers and nurses attached to different medical facilities in the country.

These doctors and clinical officers are mostly located in the Rift Valley, Western and Nyanza regions.

The team is led by two former assistant directors of medical services, Dr. Toromo Kochei and Dr. Catherine Wangui.

These two are also Bishops in ‘Prophet’ Owuor’s church.

Dr Kasepoi
Dr Kasepoi, also a Bishop in Prophet Owuor’s Church

Also in the team is one Dr. Kasepoi, the man Owuor charged with the responsibility of overseeing the ‘resurrection’ of Mama Rosa. The woman died a few months later.

The team of doctors around Owuor have one main duty. Use the most convincing medical language possible to convince the public that Owuor’s miracles are true.

‘Prophet’ Owuor’s HIV/AIDS healing claims have been here for a number of years now.

Owuor’s official website was fully loaded with ‘testimonies’ of HIV/AIDS patients turning negative. Most of the videos are however no longer available.

Well, a number of people have died after Owuor advised them to abandon medication and believe that they were healed.

The most recent one being one Pastor Fridah Tangara, whom Owuor claimed to have healed 10 years ago. She died of the same ailment the ‘prophet’ claimed to have healed.

Back to HIV/AIDS. Below are several people Owuor claimed to have healed of the deadly virus several years ago. It’s my hope that they are still alive.

1. Rose Kibet

Rose Kibet hails from Keiyo and was allegedly healed of full blown AIDS sometimes in the year 2005.

However, several years later, after Owuor advised her not to take ARVs, the poor woman is very sickly and probably writing her will.

Owuor blames her for ‘going back to sin’, the reason the virus came back. Owuor deleted all videos about her ‘testimony’ from his two YouTube channels.

2. Bisia Makungu

She is said to have tested positive for HIV/AIDS Virus on November 27, 2009.

She allegedly developed full blown HIV/AIDS and was under ARVs. ‘Prophet’ Owuor and his team of doctors allege that she was healed of the deadly virus after attending a healing crusade on January 01, 2010.

3. Mary Msongari

She is said to have been HIV Positive and was on ARVs but after the Kisumu 2010 prayer rally, she was ‘totally healed’ and tested HIV Negative.

4. Christabel Sirange

She was allegedly born HIV Positive and later developed full blown AIDS. She was on ARVs.

Owuor claims that upon being brought to the Kisumu meeting on January 01,2010, he healed her and she tested HIV Negative in hospital

5. Onesmus

Owuor also claims to have healed a boy by the name Onesmus who was allegedly born HIV Positive. According to Owuor’s team of doctors, the boy was instantly healed at a prayer rally in Nakuru and tested HIV Negative thereafter.

6. Eunice Otieng

Owuor further claims to have healed a nurse by the name Eunice Otieng, describing her as having ‘tested HIV positive and totally devastated.’

He claims that Eunice was healed after he prayed during the Kisumu crusade on January 01, 2010, and that she tested Negative in several hospitals and clinics.

7. Peter Imbuye

It is alleged that this man was diagnosed with the virus in the month of December 2004 and was healed at ‘Prophet’ Owuor’s Kisumu crusade in January 2010 and tested HIV Negative thereafter.

Its my hope that these people, apart from being alive, have also come back to their senses and resumed medication.

It’s also my prayer that the relevant bodies in the country such as NASCOP move with speed to tame these rogue ‘miracle workers’ sending thousands of Kenyans to the graves prematurely.

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