Ng’ombe Kubwa is a staunch follower of ‘Prophet’ Owuor


In Kenya, Corruption and Religiosity are twin brothers.

Details have now emerged that the trending Ng’ombe kubwa (Prof. Walingo) is a staunch follower of ‘Prophet’ Owuor.

Before being appointed to Maasai Mara University in the year 2013, Professor Walingo was at the Maseno University from 1991.

It was at Maseno that she rose to the rank of Deputy Vice Chancellor, Finance.

While at Maseno, she joined and became very devoted to ‘Prophet’ Owuor’s church.

At Maseno, ‘Ng’ombe Kubwa’ was the patron for the Repentance and Holiness Students fellowship, ‘Prophet’ Owuor’s faithfuls.

She was very instrumental in helping Owuor’s followers at Maseno University to convince the school administation to register them as a separate movement from the Christian Union.

From Maseno, she moved to Murang’a University College where she served as the first principal for a short duration, before becoming the VC at Maasai Mara University.

Owuor milking Ng’ombe Kubwa

A former student at Maseno University, also a former member of the fellowship reveals that Mary Walingo is a darling to Owuor and his Bishops, mainly due to her “generosity”.

Its known that Prof. Walingo generously supports “Prophet Owuor” and his missions, including the ongoing comstruction of a 500 million mansion in Runda for Owuor.

Ng’ombe Kubwa is the coded language used to refer to the ever hungry Mary Walingo.

“Hata hii ng’ombe ingine ilisema, inataka nyasi…Nani huyo?…Hii ng’ombe hii…hii ng’ombe yetu nono hii. Inasema uiwekee nyasi inaskia njaa. Uko wapi? Ninakuja kutoka town. Oh. Unakuja university? Wewe fanya hivi. Nyasi ngapi unaweza pata…kiasi ngapi? Unaweza pata bundle mbili na nusu? Bundle mbili na nusu? Wacha nione.”

Spencer Sankale Ololchike, a senior accountant at the institution, reveals that the context here is that the VC was lacking in money so they were supposed to do something so that the VC is satisfied with the amount.

Ng’ombe kubwa ate our hay. Owuor milked Ng’ombe Kubwa. Methinks Owuor is equally guilty.

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