The New OPPO A9 2020 in Kenya: Specifications and Prices

The new Oppo A9 2020 is finally in Kenya, and will soon be available at your nearest outlet across the country.

This latest smartphone from the Chinese company features a battery rated at 5000mAh with reverse charging ability.

The company also seems to have keenly considered the interests of selfie lovers in designing the new Oppo A9 2020, with 16MP HD front camera.

What more? 4GB of RAM, a real deal for android gamers and heavy mobile users who want to chat with friends, listen to music, take selfies and browse the internet at the same time.

With 4GB RAM and 4 processors, each with a speed of 2.0Ghz, the new Oppo A9 2020 can handle multiple simultaneous tasks with ease.

A9 comes equipped 128GB of ROM (commonly known as internal memory). This is space enough for tons of mobile apps and games, music and videos, even without taking advantage of the ability to add  256GB of additional memory.

5000mAh Battery with Reverse Charging

Oppo A9 2020 Reverse Charging
The new Oppo A9 2020 Reverse Charging capability

The first feature that makes this smartphone outstanding is the 5000mAh Ultra Battery with Reverse Charging Capability.

This is an improvement from its predecessors, which featured a battery capacity of 4,000mAh.

Oppo seems to take advantage of the growing need for mobile devices that can run for several days.

People are looking for smartphones that will allow them watch HD videos non-stop for several hours before asking for a recharge.

Reverse charging is a game changer. It turns the tables of mobile power demands, converting your smartphone into a charging station to feed other phones or wireless devices.

If you frequently use wireless headphones, this one will enhance your music experience. Talk about uninterrupted entertainment as you travel.

48MP Ultra Wide Quad Camera

Oppo A9 2020 Camera
The New Oppo A9 2020 48MP Rear Camera

How good is the camera? This is a question most people will ask before purchasing a new smartphone.

Over time, Smartphones have continually replaced and outperformed point-and-shoot cameras.

Smartphones have become our main cameras, making photo quality a priority when picking a new smartphone.

Well, the new Oppo A8 2020 comes with attractive photographic capabilities, better than any other mid range smartphone available in Kenya.

OPPO A9 2020 comes with four separate cameras fitted into a single smartphone.

1. An ultra wide (119°) 48MP rear main lens that gives your pictures maximum resolution.

2. Three rear lenses (8MP & 2MP & 2MP) that provide artistic portrait effects.

3. The smartphone also features a 16MP front camera with AI Beautification, a real deal for selfie lovers.

Snapdragon 665 processor

Most mid-range smartphones in Kenya are powered by Mediatek processors. However, the new Oppo A9 2020 is powered by the Snapdragon 665 processor.

Snapdragon is a processor type with a better reputation than Mediatek processors.

Among the benefits of the Snapdragon 665 processor is the use of AI for advanced imaging, ultra-fast frame rates, smooth interactions, surround-sound audio, and realistic graphics.

The processor supports Vulkan 1.1 graphics that saves up to 20% power, hence improving your battery life.

It is the processor that features a Hybrid Autofocus, Optical Zoom, Zero Shutter Lag, and Multi-Frame Noise Reduction, for almost endless still and video capture possibilities.

And so on matters speed, 2.0GHz from 8 processor cores makes the new Oppo A9 2020 stand out among other mid-range smartphones available in Kenya.

OPPO A9 2020 Full Specifications in Kenya

Price in Kenya 22,000 – 27,500 (Estimated Price)
Operating System Android 9.0
Screen Size 6.5 inches
Display Resolution 1600 x 720 pixels
Processor Speed 2.0GHz
Processor Type Quad-core
Connectivity 2G, 3G, 4G
Battery Capacity 5000mAh with Reverse Charge
Internal Memory (ROM) 128GB
Expansion Slot 256GB
Main Camera 48 Megapixels + 8MP + 2MP + 2MP
Selfie Camera 16 Megapixels
Pros Long-lasting battery, Excellent Display and Cameras, Enhanced Security Features
Colors Space Purple, Marine Green

OPPO A9 2020 Availability & Price in Kenya

In India, Oppo A9 is selling at Rs. 15,398. Its therefore expected that the smartphone will be priced somewhere between 22k and 27k in Kenya.

The device is expected to be available in the Kenyan market sometimes before the end of October.

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