My Phone is actually Jehovah’s Phone, Claims Prophet Owuor

Two years ago, a South African ‘Prophet’ Mboro claimed to have killed Satan during a visit to hell.

This was after touring heaven and taking selfies with angels.

Even before claiming to ‘photograph the Kingdom of Heaven’, the ‘prophet’ also claimed to deliver a fish from the womb of a pregnant woman.

The church spokesman says that Pastor Mboro was “raptured” to heaven during an Easter Sunday service and took pictures using his Galaxy Smartphone.

prophet mboro mocked

South African preacher mocked after charging for ‘heavenly’ photosHow he sneaked into heaven with a mobile phone is only known to himself.

But if you thought this man was controversial, comes ‘Prophet’ Owuor.

A furious ‘Prophet’ Owuor now claims that his (Owuor’s) phone is Jehovah’s phone.

Speaking while delivering a ‘prophecy’ on what he referred to as judgment coming to Kenya, the controversial preacher exclaimed that tapping his phone was equivalent to tapping God’s phone.

It is not known who has been intercepting Owuor’s calls to his Nakuru based Radio station.

In the Live call to the radio station, Owuor predicts that a lot of tempest is coming to Kenya.

“There is serious judgment coming to Kenya for attempting to blackmail me, for publishing scandals about these two mega prophets from heaven.”

“You need to understand that touching me is touching Jehovah Himself. You cannot touch me. Tapping my phone is tapping Jehovah’s phone. How dare you?” says ‘prophet’ Owuor.

A few months ago, Owuor threatened to strike unknown persons with ‘cancers’, people he again accused of tapping his phone calls.

The preacher is best known for his controversies, with several hilarious claims such as the sun clapping in his meetings.

He has also on several occasions claimed to be two prophets, two angels, two cherubim, two witnesses, and most recently the claimed to be the ‘three heavenly hosts’.

Prophet Owuor doubled
Prophet Owuor’s images to support claims of having been doubled

After his several meetings, Owuor will always release pictures to support these hilarious claims.

We may, however, have to wait a little bit longer for the ‘man of God’ to reveal more about the specifications of this heavenly phone.

Probably the new iPhone 11. I mean, who doesn’t want a taste of a Superfast A13 Bionic processor?

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