Another mentally ill woman disappears after ‘Prophet’ Owuor’s healing rally

‘Prophet’ David Owuor’s rallies are arguably the most crowded rallies in Kenya considering the huge following he has from his Ministry of Repentance and Holiness church.

Thousands of people will travel from many places to attend these rallies to receive ‘healing’.

The rallies, however, seem to come with their several risks, among them stampede, death and the risk of losing children and sick relatives.

The sad thing is that all these have been happening in these prayer rallies. Many Kenyans have lost their loved ones who attended ‘Prophet’ Owuor’s meetings.

Remember Kaptembwa?

On January 1, 2015, five people died at the Kaptembwa open grounds during a healing crusade convened by ‘prophet Owour.

Owuor, who has an elaborate security and information network that includes hired police officers, said nothing about the deaths.

David Owuor at the Kaptembwa grounds in Nakuru on January 1, 2015.
David Owuor at the Kaptembwa grounds in Nakuru on January 1, 2015.

Nakuru Divisional Police Commander Benard Kioko confirmed that the victims, mostly bedridden, were wheeled to the meeting by relatives.

A look at the critically sick revealed that they were carrying with them medical notes showing they had been discharged from various hospitals against strong advice by their doctors.

The Kapsowar story

Mai is a mentally incapacitated woman, a resident of Kapsowar town, always seen moving up and down the town.

Residents of Kapsowar would often see her seated outside a Kinyozi opposite KCB Bank.

She is said to have always preferred sitting here because the owner of the kinyozi a guy called Collins often bought her lunch and roasted maize, especially in the evenings.

Mai ‘healed’

Mai is missing. Not even Collins who often fed her knows her whereabouts.

Neighbors say that Mai was taken to a ‘miracle’ prayer rally in Nakuru late last year by Prophet Owuor’s  Holiness and Repentance Church followers in Kapsowar.

After the meeting, Owuor’s followers claimed that Mai was healed. They were on the streets shouting that Mai amepona! (Swahili for Mai is now healed)

Mai was then back clean-shaven and clad in new clothing.

Days later after the miracle prayer, Mai got back to her ways. 

Missing after ‘prayers’

It’s alleged that Owuor’s followers were not happy that their miracle had not worked. They were not ready to see the Mighty Prophet being in let down. A plan was hatched and Mai was ‘unceremoniously’ ejected from Kapsowar.

The poor woman who is said to be of Rwandese origin was bundled into a white car and headed for Eldoret. Mai cannot be traced since then.

Kenyans’ reactions

Kenyans took to Social Media today, asking Prophet Owuor to reveal the whereabouts of the woman, with some expressing fears that the poor woman could be dead.

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