Here are 10 Legit Ways to Make Money Online in Kenya


Making money online in Kenya is a gold mine, something that has made many young people vulnerable to scams. This article is not about get-rich-quick schemes which are unsustainable and illegal ways of making illegitimate money online.

I am not here to talk about gambling or pyramid schemes that promise to multiply your money in a matter of a few 60-second sessions.

Instead, with elaborate examples, I will show you practical, evidence-based, sustainable and easy ways to make money from home in Kenya.

These methods of making legit money online require some patience and hard work, just like any other successful business venture.

You do not expect to subscribe to an online money making site and wake up the next morning with a five-figure income inside your M-Pesa wallet.

In fact, that is one of the most obvious ways of detecting online scams. The speed with which they promise to deliver returns on investment is alarming.

Walk with me to the very end. I am going to share, with clear examples and guidelines, addressing the following concerns:

How to make money online in Kenya using your mobile phone, even if you do not have a computer.

How to make money in Kenya from a simple blog.

How to make money as a student in Kenya, while at the same time spending quality time in your studies.

Make money with Jumia using their Affiliate and JForce Agents Programs

1) Blogging

Blogging is not a preserve for a few tech-savvy individuals living in Nairobi. Anyone can start a good blog and share information about just anything, and make money online in Kenya.

All you need is a platform. More than 70% of all blogs globally are created using WordPress, which is actually a free platform.

So what do you need?

Only look for a good web host to sell you a unique domain and you’re your blog.

If you are starting a new blog, I recommend you get a domain and web hosting with Host Pinnacle Kenya.

Why do I recommend HostPinnacle? Because they have a reputation of being the most affordable yet reliable web hosting company in Kenya.

With Host Pinnacle, you only pay Ksh 1,500 and you get a free domain and Web hosting for your website/blog for the whole year.

On top of their affordable and reliable web hosting plans, Host Pinnacle is a choice for many bloggers since they allow you to host more than one website on the same account.

And that’s important for a blogger. If you can set up two or three good blogs, you would be assured of some good income.

Still, if you are ambitious and would like to get web hosting of international standards, you can check the offers at Bluehost.

Remember to check this article for a detailed comparison of the top 10 best domain name and web hosting service providers in Kenya.

Just like you would need to pay some few coins to get accommodation while on a trip to Mombasa, a web host will charge you to accommodate your blog content and ensure it’s available to your audience.

If your name is the brand your audience mostly identify with, you can choose a domain name featuring your name.

If not, you can still shop around for a free domain that identifies your niche.

There are many profitable areas you can blog about. Technology, Gadgets, Photography, health and fitness, career, fashion, finance… The list is endless.

How do I Make Money with Blogging?

The most common method of making money from blogs is by placing ads on your blog pages.

You receive payment when your readers click on the ads. Some ads attract more revenue than others, depending on their type.

For instance, ads about mortgage, insurance, web hosting, and loans have better returns.

If this is your preferred method of monetization, you may consider using Google AdSense.

You can still avail some space for sponsored posts on your blog. This allows you to earn money from other bloggers who would like to get some traffic from your blog.

2) Affiliate Marketing

This is another fast-growing method to make money online in Kenya.

An affiliate is a person, mostly a blogger, who reviews a certain product on his/her blog with the intention of recommending the product to their audience.

When people buy the product by clicking on a link in your blog content, you earn a commission.

Here is how it works. You have a blog about web hosting, receiving some good traffic every day.

You sign up for affiliate programs with 3 best insurance companies in Kenya.

You then write a viral review of ‘The 3 Best Insurance Companies in Kenya’ and include the affiliate links therein.

This means that you get a commission for every sign up coming from your blog. Remember you gave your audience a choice of the three best companies, thereby increasing their chances of clicking on one of the links.

The good thing is that affiliate links have a relatively good shelf life, mostly 90 days, since they use cookies to track buyer behaviors.

This means that if anyone clicked on a referral link and buys the product within the 90 days, you still earn your commission.

You may think it’s not a good revenue generator. But I will tell you that there are multi-million dollar blogs based on affiliate marketing alone.

Theirs is just writing reviews comparing different products, drawing conclusions on which product is best.

I will give a good example. Nerdwallet is a blog dealing with Consumer finance. The content there helps people pick the best credit cards, loans, insurance, etc.

Nerdwallet Affiliate Marketing
Nerdwallet Personal Finance Affiliate Marketing Site

The blog owner in return gets commissions for every customer subscribing to credit cards, mortgage and loans using links posted on the blog.

And you know what? Millions of dollars!

The site receives more than 11.4M in monthly traffic and earns more than Ksh 8 Million per month.

That’s pretty cool, right?

And the beautiful thing with affiliate marketing is that its open for everyone. All you need to do is convince someone to buy a certain product by clicking on your link.

It works on Facebook. It works on Twitter. It works on Instagram. It has amazing results on Whatsapp

Do you want to make money online in Kenya by doing affiliate marketing?

Below we explore the most reliable affiliate marketing programs available for you.

Jumia Affiliate Program

If you have a blog with traffic coming in with the slightest intention to buy something, then you can take advantage of the Jumia affiliate program and make money online.

Jumia will generate good-looking banners to place on your blog, displaying the product on offer.

Whenever anyone clicks on the link and buys a product from Jumia, you get a commission of up to 11%.

Still if you do not have a website and you have a popular Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page, you can share the links with your audience.

How to Register for the Jumia Affiliate Program

Use the Jumia affiliate link to create a new account. Once you get to this page, click on either REGISTER at the top-right corner of the page. You can still click on BECOME AN AFFILIATE. Both will take you to the sign-up form.

Sign up for Jumia Affiliates Program
Step 1 Sign up for Jumia Affiliates Program

On the Jumia Affiliates Signup page, you will be required to fill in a few details. The few details required are Your Name, Email Address, Mobile Number and Website.

Jumia Affiliates Signup Form
Jumia Kenya Affiliates Signup Form

The website field is required, so if you do not have your own website, just put in any website close to you. You are allowed to change your website once you are signed in.

Once you have filled out the signup form, click SUBMIT. Your Jumia affiliate account will be processed immediately.

You will then receive a verification email to the address you provided. Use this link to set your password. Log in and start selling!

How do I make money with the Jumia Affiliate Program

Once you have an affiliate account, you can start using the referral links generated by Jumia on your account.

Your duty is promoting hot products available on Jumia, such as the latest Phones & Tablets, Electronics, Computers & Accessories, Fashion Products and others.

This is pretty easy. Jumia gives you a wide range of banners and a deeplink generator that enables you to link to any specific item.

Jumia Affiliates banners
Jumia Affiliates Banners Grouped by Categories

The affiliate commission ranges from 2% – 11% depending on the product category.  You make money for any order a customer makes within 30 days from the first time they clicked on your link.

You get commissions for every successful first-time app installs that you influence. The link for the Jumia mobile app is also available for all affiliates to share.

And it works! Tested and sure. You can actually track the performance of your campaigns in real time.

Jumia Affiliates Link Tracking
Jumia Affiliates Link Tracking System

The system allows you to track the number of Clicks, Rejected Orders, Pending Orders, Confirmed Orders as well as your Commissions, both pending and approved.

How do I get paid after marketing Jumia Products?

First, its important to understand the commission structure for Jumia affiliates.

The product categories with the largest percentage in commissions are Women’s Shoes and Men’s Accessories (both at 11%) Sports & Fitness (at 10%) and Men’s Clothing and Shoes (at 10%).

This means that if you can convince 10 men to buy shoes from Jumia at maybe Ksh 3, 000 each pair, you would earn Ksh 300*10, which is a cool Ksh 3,000 (pre-tax).

All the other product categories have commissions less than 10%, with electronics, phones & tablets, home accessories and computers attracting a 4% commission.

Jumia pays affiliates on a monthly basis, starting on the 1st of every month. Commissions above Ksh 24,000 attract a 5% tax deduction.

And how much do I need to sell to be paid? Well, if you’re an individual affiliate (and not a company), then you would be paid if you managed to accumulate at least Ksh 1,000 in commissions.

3) Become a Social Media Influencer

The social media age is finally here, one that continually resists anything antique, including the traditional marketing techniques.

As at June 2019, Kenya had an impressive internet penetration of 23.34 %, with 46,870,422 having access to the internet.

Companies are aware of this, and they are now spending time and resources seeking to grab the attention of millennials using social media channels.

Still, some people saw the opportunity early enough. They are known as Social Media Influencers.

A social media influencer is basically an individual who uses any social media platform to express their opinion on a topic, brand or product.

This, of course, depends on the level of trust the audience puts on the social media influencer. But trust is built, cultivated and exploited if need be.

If you have social media platforms with a large audience, then you are an influencer. All you need to do is convert your audience to a market.

On which Social Media Networks can I make money?

Instagram and Twitter are the two most popular social media influencer platforms in Kenya. Facebook is still the most widely used social media platform in Kenya.

Instagram is still widely used, not as much as Twitter. On Instagram, brands will choose to use popular models to endorse their products.

However, the arrangement of discussions into hashtags on Twitter makes it the best for businesses and brands seeking to reach a large population within a short period of time.

For instance, Companies, Brands, Politicians, and Individuals will pay Twitter Influencers to run a campaign on Twitter and pay them, mostly immediately.

These influencers are required to have a large number of followers, mostly above 50,000 twitter followers.

How do I Grow my Social Media Followers?

There are a number of things you would need to do to grow your following on Twitter.

But if you need a few thousands of Twitter followers within a few months, you need to be a little more aggressive.

I am talking about how to get real followers – not bots, no shady shortcuts.

If you are not a celebrity or politician, then you have to follow as many accounts as possible, so they can follow back.

This is the only legitimate way for you to grow your followers from zero to several thousands in just a few months.

Check the screenshot below.

Gain More Twitter Followers
Follow for Follow Techniques to Gain More Twitter Followers using

Twitter gain tweets are shared by a number of influencers with a large following, especially in the evenings.

All you need to do is retweet these tweets immediately they are shared and follow as many accounts that also retweeted the tweet.

Gain More Twitter Followers
Gain More Twitter Followers 1

Repeating the same process a number of times as many times as Twitter would allow you would help you grow your numbers.

Remember brands looking for Twitter influencers are looking at these numbers before they can entrust you with marketing their products or services.

4) Manage Social Media Accounts

If you have some good knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media networks, you can actually make money from it.

You don’t need any bachelor’s degree to be successful here. Just your skills, passion, enough to convince brands and people to let you manage their accounts for a fee.

Besides, there are several educational resources like Hootsuite, which will help you better your knowledge about emerging trends around all social media networks.

And that’s not all. Freelancing sites like Upwork and Freelancer are full of people looking for social media managers.

If you can grow several social media pages, you would actually sell them at a good price.

A Twitter account with 50,000 followers, for instance, is sold for between Ksh 20,000 – Ksh 25,000.

A Facebook page with 20,000 followers goes for Ksh 20,000. Instagram accounts are gems, also selling at prices that are half the number of followers.

5) Vlogging

We live in a generation that massively devours billions of videos on Youtube every day.

Such a platform is a golden opportunity to make money!

Experienced Youtube users with popular channels will tell you that with just 1,000 views, you can something between Kshs. 200-400.

This means that if you have a channel with 100 videos 10,000 views per month, then that would be Kshs. 200,000 – 400,000  for you every month.

Do you want to see the evidence of money flowing down those Youtube Channels? Just check the top 250 Youtube Channels listed on Social Blades.

Citizen TV has estimated monthly Youtube earnings of up to Ksh 7.7Million!

Citizen TV Youtube Earnings
Citizen TV Average Youtube Earnings

And if you thought that only News Brands can make such large sums of money, you are absolutely wrong. Njugush is a Kenyan-based comedian with a growing Youtube Channel.

With less than 400 Videos, it’s estimated that my good friend Njugush takes home up to Ksh 808,500 in monthly Youtube earnings.

Njugush Youtube Earnings
Njugush Estimated Youtube Earnings

Ithagu Kibicho (aka Henry Desagu), has been in comedy for not more than 3 years now. He is best known as the man who advocates for the ‘rights of Team Mafisi.’ Or so he did.

Guess what? With just 181 video uploads, it is estimated that he takes home about Ksh 882,000 in monthly Youtube earnings.

Henry Desagu Youtube Earnings
Henry Desagu Estimated Youtube Earnings

You can also take advantage of the growing appetite for Youtube Videos. It doesn’t have to be News. It may be fashion. It doesn’t have to be comedy. It may be farming tips.

All you need to do is get started, start a Youtube Channel, grow your audience, get more views and make money.

How do I make money using my Youtube Channel?

Just like blogs, Google AdSense is the primary source of revenue for many YouTube vloggers.

The AdSense program for YouTube is designed to display ads to your Youtube Video viewers.

However, there are a few other methods to monetize your Youtube videos, including YouTube sponsorships.

Remember to Check out this article on how to make money on YouTube.

6) Become a Jumia Sales Consultant

JFORCE- Jumia Sales Consultant
JFORCE- Jumia Sales Consultants Program

J-Force is a sales consultancy program that works on the Jumia Online Shop.

The program allows individuals to earn commissions by simply assisting their friends or family members to place orders on Jumia.

Just that? Absolutely.

All you need to do is register as a Jforce agent, find people in need of Jumia products, place orders on their behalf and earn some good commissions.

The JForce commissions range from 3% to 10%, depending on the type of commodity sold, and are paid at the beginning of every month.

Tens of aggressive JForce agents will actually tell you that they had to quit their jobs in order to focus on JForce.

What more? You also earn huge bonus amounts for recruiting more JForce agents.

How do I get more clients as a JForce Agent?

Social Media Networks such as Facebook and WhatsApp are powerful tools you can use to advertise Jumia products.

This would really help you broaden your customer base beyond your close friends and neighbors.

And with the growing popularity of Facebook Advertisements, you can give it a try.

Facebook ads are an effective way to get more conversions.

With as low as Ksh 500, you can show selected products to over 3,000 people in a day.

You, however, need to create a legit facebook page and use your Jumia Sales Consultant title to show trust.

You can also build your own brand (such as an electronics shop) and affiliate it with Jumia just to increase trust and credibility with potential customers.

Closing Thoughts

Now you understand how you can make money online in Kenya, whether you are a student or just any Kenyan youth looking for something to do.

And you realize that you can actually slowly graduate from making a few coins online to making a career out of it.

The list is endless, there are several other opportunities out there. You just need to choose an area that you love doing.

Remember, just like any other legit business, earning money online requires a lot of persistence and dedication.




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