Just a few: 5 Fake Miracles by ‘Prophet’ Owuor that flopped terribly

I don’t doubt God’s ability to heal. It is impossible to be a Christian without embracing the Supernatural.

Even if you were skeptical of modern claims of miracles you’d be forced to accept them as recorded on scriptures or discard your faith altogether.

But fake miracles also do happen. Be the judge:

#1. Mama Rosa ‘Resurrection’.

If you are a Kenyan, you must have seen some people moving around with twigs singing about a certain Mama Rosa.

Well, Mama Rosa was ‘resurrected’ by ‘Prophet’ Owuor, removed from her home in Cheparten and hid with one Dr. Kasepoi in Eldoret who told us that he was staying with her to study the process of reversal of death.

To keep his hoax ‘resurrection and healing’ going, Owuor assigned Dr. Kasepoi the sorry duty of keeping her alive and presentable. This went on for a year.

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On Tuesday, 22nd January 2019, Mama Rosa passed on at Kasepoi’s home. The next day, on Wednesday 23rd January 2019, her body was quietly transferred to Cherangany Nursing Home kilometers away from Eldoret.

Mama Rosa’s Life

Rosa Chepochesau started ailing in the year 1996, she was Diagnosed of Arthritis since then, she was treated in several hospitals but there was no change.

But in June 2017 she allegedly died, and was resurrected by ‘Prophet’ Owuor after sending a text message with three words, IT IS WELL.

Mama Rosa had been battling arthritis for 21 years before Owuor ‘resurrected’ her in 2017. This means the disease or condition was not terminal.

If you watched ‘testimony’ videos released by Owuor, you now understand why she had stiff limbs.

But Owuor and his acolytes led by one Dr. Kasepoi lied to us that it was rigor mortis’ that was being gradually reversed.

Why lie about this? Because even after her ‘resurrection’ and the subsequent publicity, many noticed her semi-withered limbs.

The best excuse of Owuor’s impotence/inability to heal was to claim healing was ongoing.

The other bit worth noting is the cause of her death is left out in her eulogy.

If a eulogy is going to dwell on medical history of the deceased, then the cause of the death shouldn’t be left out. Why tell us of the arthritis and omit the cause of death?

Next, observe the irony of mentioning her ‘resurrection’. Owuor is actually telling her family to be glad he added her 18 months.

But one must ask what exactly her family gained other than watching her nakedness on banners and being forced to lie about her ‘resurrection’ tale.

But what value did she bring to Owuor? She drew men to Owuor. That’s about all they cared about.

Thousands actually joined Owuor’s church in 2017 following the huge choreographed rallies celebrating her ‘resurrection’ across towns in Kenya.

Please note that she was not be buried in her home in Cheparten where she lived with her husband, one Samson until all this hoax came up.

Instead, she was buried at her sister-in-law’s land between Kitale and Kapenguria in Kesongon.

The neighbors speak

Mama Rosa was secretly buried at Chepkoti, Talau Location, Kapenguria Division in West Pokot County. This is 76 kilometers away from where she used to stay in Cheparten.

Residents in the village were surprised to witness the burial of the stranger in the village.

“She lived with us here, but she was taken away to a location we are not aware about. It has been more than one and a half years now, since she disappeared.” says Joseph Louta, a resident of Cheparten.

But even in Chepkoti, the residents say they expected the now famous Mama Rosa to be accorded a more decent burial.

“We were expecting Prophet Owuor to attend Mama Rosa’s burial. Why was he not present? He must come out clearly and tell us what happened to Rosa.” Abel Nakapiri one of the resident from Chepkoti told The Nation.

Mama Rosa Lessons

When the fake news of Mama Rosa ‘resurrection’ broke, celebrations were ordered across various towns in Kenya.

These were well planned ahead of time and it was mandatory for all that believe in Owuor to attend. Think about police and army parades we see during national holidays.

The songs they sang were standardized.

Members were supposed to exude joy and excitement at the news. Photos and videos were taken.

As many as could were encourage to make the trip to West Pokot to witness the ‘resurrection’ place

Thousands towed the line and did just that.

Fast forward to Tuesday 22nd January 2019 when Mama Rosa passed on.

At this time, Owuor had ordered the closing of social media groups in his camp. It took longer for many of them to find out. But among those who already knew, their reaction is the same.

Many were naturally shocked as is expected since they spent the last half of 2017 bombarded with clips and images of Mama Rosa. Her name was ever so constant. Their shock was understandable.

Owuor really exploited this woman’s misery and used it to advance his myth.

Owuor killed Mama Rosa after milking this life trophy dry.

Did he bury her? Not at all.

#2 John Litunda Resurrection

‘Prophet’ Owuor held his first Central Park meeting on July 6 &7,2018. A few days after, and exactly on July 21st towards midnight, as Senior archbishop and General Overseer Bwana DC Litunda was driving towards Nakuru from Nairobi Litunda died!

Litunda died

Litunda died.


One Zachary Kibaliach went on radio to testify that he was in that convoy of vehicles heading to Nakuru. He witnessed Litunda dying! According to Kibaliach they were at Kinungi.

Once Litunda died, they drove back to Nairobi and specifically Nairobi Hospital, a distance of 89 kilometers. Why they avoided Kijabe Mission Hospital which was less than half the distance we will never know.

Why would they drive a dead man super fast to hospital? We will never know. But Kibaliach claims it was ‘due diligence’

Kibaliach or someone else in that convoy apparently called Owuor who said “it is well” as he had already prayed.

Owuor, it is alleged, had prophesied this death earlier in that day. He had seen Litunda dying and he told him as much. He had seen him falling in a deep hole but he had cancelled it.

Owuor jumped into the underworld found ‘someone’ with a sururu/scythe holding Litunda’s spirit. Owuor teased the being splashing some water daring it to a fight. The being dropped Litunda and fled. Owuor grabbed Litunda and took him up and out of the underworld.

Kibaliach concludes that Owuor is the ‘angel of light’,’angel of the Lord’, ‘the host if heaven’ and we should fear and listen to whatever Owuor says.

Litunda weighs in and he does not remember.much other than cautioning his driver against overspeeeding. He does not know much other than he died and resurrected. Litunda has just discovered that you can die any time so you should order your life accordingly as you won’t even get a chance or time to ‘repent’

Litunda tells us he died for more than 30 minutes “all the way from Soko Mjinga to Aga Khan Hospital”.

Litunda came back with his memory intact.This means for the entire trip back from Kibaliach’s Kinungi or Litunda’s Soko Mjinga, to the hospital they were driving a dead man. Again,we can’t tell why they drove for 30 minutes with a dead body to a hospital.

We are also not told at what point they confirmed Litunda to have died nor when he resurrected.

All we know is that after he was discharged from the hospital he was relieved of his duties for several weeks to give him time to recuperate. Kyaka was the acting archbishops for all that time.

Unlike Mama Rosa’s death barely a year earlier, Litunda’s death was not celebrated as such.

You will never find a single video or recording of this resurrection claim unlike Mama Rosa’s which filled YouTube and even made national news. Litunda was never interviewed nor celebrated as such.

A few days after his resurrection everyone moved on as if nothing had happened. Many new members have no idea that Litunda ever died and was resurrected.

The conspiracy of silence around Litunda’s death and resurrection is simply deafening. It’s almost as if Owuor regrets ever running with this claim yet they can’t erase it. Avoiding it is a good strategy.

A source close to the family reveals that Litunda has a growth, or is it a brain tumor, that normaly causes convulsions.

But on this particular day, just believe that Litunda died.

#3. Andrew Olewe

Next to prophecy, healings and miracles are the most popular people magnet. This greatly tempts ministers to seek these, as well as fabricating them.

We see Andrew Olewe’s mother/guardian being interviewed but we never get to hear her speak. What did she tell them, that her son has NEVER walked not stood? Why couldn’t they allow this to go on record?

There are attempts to get him on his feet. They don’t succeed. Then in another clip, we see him limping.

Five days later we see him limping and we are told he IMPROVED. Finally, we see him in the church in a suit still limping.

It is evident he suffers from some form of paralysis. The boy is far from healing. He is far from full motor control of his limbs.

Andrew Olewe Today

The poor boy Andrew is back crawling as usual. Neighbors are talking, but they are quickly reminded that Owuor is still praying for him.

One Bishop Kimutai was good at covering up the story, but ever since he departed to Nandi, nobody ‘takes care’ of Owuor’s ‘miracle’ anymore.

#4. Rose Kibet HIV/AIDS Healing

If you ever interacted with a pioneer member of Owuor’s church, you must have heard them talk about this woman ‘healed’ of the deadly virus many years ago.

Well, what they never told you is that Rose Kibet was never healed.

Infact, she is currently under the care of one Bishop Benhams of Eldoret, very sickly and probably writing her will.

Owuor blames her for ‘going back to sin’, the reason the virus came back.

Owuor even deleted all videos about her ‘testimony’ from his two YouTube channels

#5. Nancy Omronji HIV/AIDS Healing

In another purported HIV Healings in Kenya, one Dr. Kasipoi based in Eldoret displays medical documents of Nancy Omronji who was allegedly healed of HIV. Nancy is also a Bishop in the ministry of Repentance and Holiness, led by Prophet Dr. Owuor

In a video with details of her testimony, Nancy narrates that she went for a HIV test at the Nakuru Medical Center, which was conducted by her long time personal doctor, Dr. Singo. The test was not even done at a VCT where there is counseling, but at the lab.

The documents shared by Dr. Kasipoi, also a Bishop in the ministry of Repentance and Holiness show that Dr. Singo, a physician at Nakuru Medical Centre Laboratories, tested her using the Determine test and (Bio-line) method. The stated results are positive.

First, the HIV Positive Results by Dr. Singo are very questionable. The document is full of false information.

The said website for the facility and email address have never existed! Infact you can register the said domain today if you wish.

It is clear that someone quickly did the paper at a date different from the day of examination to prove the HIV positive results.

Again, why would a HIV patient require such an ‘official’ and signed document. Where else did she need the document, other than testifying of the ‘miracle’?

Fake Hiv Aids Healings prophet Owuor 2

Dr. Singo quickly cooked this document! And he did it years after 2006.

So on one side we have very questionable HIV Positive results from a personal doctor, while on the other side we have very credible HIV Negative results done up to DNA/PCR from a reputable health facility, The Aga Khan University Hospital.

Fake Hiv Aids Healings prophet Owuor 2

Did you see that? A personal doctor, either by design or error produces HIV Positive Results using the normal screening methods, and thereafter we have DNA/PCR HIV negative results from Aga Khan!

And that is how false HIV Positive Results can turn out to be a real goldmine!

Dear Kenyans, NASCOP has never published any of these purported HIV Healings. No one, not even the testifying doctors, has ever presented a case study in any journal on these said HIV healings.

If you are HIV positive, please ensure you adhere to your medication. Don’t forget to always pray to God. Avoid liars masquerading as preachers. You will live long here on earth and have a place in the life thereafter.

#6. Fridah Tangara

Fridah, who was the wife to one of Owuor’s Senior most Bishops, Bishop Moses Tangara. She succumbed to arthritis while undergoing treatment in India, the same disease Owuor claimed to have healed 10 years ago.

According to Owuor, he had already healed Fridah many years ago, and there was therefore no need for medication.

A YouTube Video with Fridah’s ‘healing testimony’ reveals that Fridah was due for surgery. Owuor’s “prayer’ however convinced her to abandon medication.

Fridah was buried at her rural home a few days ago.