Here are the 5 Best Real Estate Agents in Kisumu, 2019

Kisumu is the third-largest city in Kenya after Nairobi and Mombasa, with an estimated population of more than 400,000 people.

Just like Mombasa, Kisumu can be accessed by road, water, rail, and air. This is because the city is served by an international airport, a lake port, a railway line, and a good road network.

Kisumu Port
The Revamped Kisumu Port

The Northern by-pass increases its accessibility to and from the Western counties, eventually leading to Uganda, Kenya’s biggest trading partner in East Africa.

The Demand Curve

The city has continually experienced substantial growth and transformation over the past few years.

The increased trade in the city has led to the setting up of more shopping malls to serve the city dwellers.

Several Universities and Colleges have also set up campuses in Kisumu. In other words, Kisumu is busy.

A number of conference centers and high-end hotels and resort centers have also been completed in the last few years. The luxurious Victoria hotel is just one of them.

Victoria Hotel Kisumu
Victoria Hotel, Kisumu. PHOTO COURTESY

People are looking for houses to let in Kisumu. Some have decided to settle in Kisumu, and are looking for plots of land to set up homes for their families.

A real estate agent in Kisumu will tell you that people are seriously looking for land for sale in Ojola, Otonglo, Kisian, Ahero, Awasi, Nyakach and many other parts of the County.

Investors are seriously looking for beach plots for sale in Kisumu

Property development experts say that the available single and one-bedroom apartments for low-income earners are yet to meet the increasing demand in the city.

Land Prices in Kisumu

The cost of land in the lakeside city of Kisumu gathered pace in the same period to record the biggest jump in the past year, according to newly released industry data.

According to Hass Consult, land prices rose at an average rate of 12.74 percent in Kisumu over the past five years, with an acre selling at Sh 6.97 million, up from Sh 3.8 million in 2013.

Kisumu has experienced a real estate boom as developers cash in on rising demand for housing, aided by reasonable land prices.

Infrastructure developments in hospitality, real estate, and shopping malls, as well as devolution, have helped attract investors from other parts of the country.

Residential Estates in Kisumu

Deciding on where to reside in such a big city can be hectic. There are a number of things that you must consider, affordability being just one of them.

Below are the residential estates in Kisumu, with a brief description of what it means to live there, and their average rental charges.

If you are looking for some property to buy in the city, this will also make your decision making easier.

Riat Hills

Ridge Park Estate, Riat Kisumu
Ridge Park Estate, Riat Kisumu. PHOTO COURTESY – VIlla Care

As you are heading to Kibos, along the Kisumu Kakamega Road, there lies Riat, a place considered for prominent business people and politicians.

I have not seen any single rooms and bedsitters here, but buying a home here can cost you around Ksh 10 to Ksh 21 Million.

The developments here enjoy good panoramic views of Lake Victoria and the beauty of the City.


Bordering the Kenya Wildlife Impala Park is Milimani, a place for the affluent in the city.

At Milimani you will only find bungalows and maisonettes with large compounds and prestigious cars at the shade parking spaces.

Most of the prestigious hotels and resort centers in Kisumu are found in Milimani, taking advantage of the serene environment here.

There are a number of apartments here, considered affordable for the middle-class families. Bedsitters in this estate range from Ksh7,000 to Ksh10,000 while a one-bedroom house can cost you around Ksh 15,000 to Ksh 20, 000

There are no matatus to Milimani. Donge!


Housing about 200 housing units, this is considered as one of the most organized estates in Kisumu.

The shopping center here is well equipped a supermarket, pubs, cyber cafes and many other important businesses.

This makes the estate a good choice for many middle-income earners in Kisumu.

On matters security, this is a gated community, with only entry gate into the estate in addition to the individual gates.

A bedsitter at Kenya Re will cost you Ksh 10,000 while get a one-bedroom house will go for between Ksh 15,000 to Ksh 18,000.

Real Estate Agents in Kisumu

If you are looking for some property for sale or a plot of land for sale in Kisumu County, you would need to find the most reliable agent.

Such an agent must have worked in Kisumu for at least a few years, giving them a feel of the needs around the city.

You would need to check their property listings, if possible get in touch with a few beneficiaries of their services.

Below are some of the best real estate agents with a reputation of being reliable in property sales and rental houses in Kisumu.

Lake Estate Agency Ltd

Lake Estate Agency Kisumu

Founded in 2009, this is one of the largest and most trusted real estate company in Kisumu. Their offices are located at the Al-Imran Plaza, Ground Floor, next to PEL Forex Bureau.

Some of their latest property listings include:

3 bedroom house for sale in Tigoi, Located near Tigoi girls high school @ Kshs. 5.2 Million.

mansion for sale in Riat
Mansion for sale in Riat Hills, Kisumu. PHOTO. Lake Estate Agency

Mansions for sale in Riat, with 4 single SQ rooms in one storey, Self-contained guardhouse and a developed neighborhood @ Kshs. 20 Million.

Land for sale in Kajuju-Gita, with a Developed neighborhood, direct transfer @ Kshs. 2.5 Million

Land for sale in Nyamasaria, Kisumu along Nairobi road, 0.123 Ha,100 meters from the tarmac road and ideal for rental units.

House in milimani Kisumu
Four bedroom Bungalow in Milimani to Let. PHOTO. Lake Estate Agency

Four bedroom Bungalow in Milimani to let. Two bedrooms ensuite, Shade parking available, Secured neighborhood @ Kshs. 125,000.

Furnished house in Dunga to Let. With 2 spacious bedrooms, modern interior fittings, a secured neighborhood and ample parking space.

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