The Top 5 Best Real Estate Agents in Eldoret, Kenya

Like any other busy city, Eldoret has a growing demand for residential properties, commercial buildings, and apartments.

This article outlines some of the most reputable agents, taking into consideration their wealth of experience and the number of completed projects they have undertaken in Eldoret and its environs.

Eldoret The City

Eldoret is another fast-growing city in Kenya, hosting an international airport, several institutions of higher learning and a good infrastructure network.

The Cosmopolitan City is home to more than half a million people, with hundreds of active businesses.

The great Nairobi–Uganda Road passes through the heart of Eldoret town, linking up Nairobi City with the border town of Malaba at the international border with Uganda.

Eldoret International Airport 2
Eldoret International Airport

In addition, Eldoret is well connected to a number of surrounding big towns by an efficient road network. This makes it easy for people and goods to move into and out of the city.

For instance, Eldoret-Iten Road connects to Iten and Marakwet. Kisumu Road leading to the lakeside city of Kisumu through Kericho. Kipkaren Road and several others.

In response to demand from the growing middle class, Eldoret is witnessing rapid growth of malls. A number of recently built shopping malls are already operational.

Zion Mall, the first shopping mall in the town and which opened for business in 2011, gave real estate entrepreneurs impetus after dozens of traders took up space in the building.

Paradise Mall in Eldoret Town. PHOTO Courtesy
Paradise Mall in Eldoret Town. PHOTO Courtesy

In 2017, Rupa Mall, was built. Rupa has attracted a wide range of businesses including restaurants and shops.

Two others were constructed in 2018 – Highlands Mall and Paradise Mall.

The town is known to host a number of big hotels and resorts such as Sirikwa, Marriot, Silverline, Hotel Baron, Samich resort, Kokwet guest house, Asis hotel just to name a few.

Eldoret is home to many institutions of higher learning, probably the biggest number in Kenya. The institutions admit students from across the country as well as international students.

Moi University and the University of Eldoret happens to be among the best universities in Kenya and their presence in Eldoret has made the town to be popular.

Moi University
Moi University

The Rift Valley Technical Training Institute (RVTTI) and the Eldoret National Polytechnic are two other learning institutions that have helped Eldoret be famous countrywide.

The Demand Curve

Real estate developers being pushed out of Nairobi by the high costs of land are finding a soft landing pad in Eldoret.

There is a high demand for houses occasioned by the rise in business activities from the likes of banks and higher learning institutions.

As mentioned earlier, the town is the home of Moi University, Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, Rivatex, Ken Knit, Raiply, several banks, hotels and resort centers, plus other higher learning institutions, whose employees and students require housing.

So high is the demand for housing that prime agricultural land in the outskirts of Eldoret town are being upgraded to commercial or residential use due to what farmers attribute to better returns as compared to farming.

This is confirmed by the number of high rise apartments and commercial buildings coming up in areas like Elgon view, Pioneer, Roadblock, Kimumu, and Maili Nne.

Elgon-View Estate Eldoret
Elgon-View, Eldoret. PHOTO by Eldoret Leo

The demand for decent housing in Eldoret is also attributed to devolution. Senior County officials from neighboring counties prefer living in Eldoret, something that has led to the mushrooming of bungalows and maisonette apartments to accommodate them.

Best Real Estate Agents in Eldoret

If you are interested in buying, selling or renting out your property in Eldoret, you would first need to identify a reliable and suitable real estate agent.

The agent must be familiar with the local demands and have some experience around Eldoret.

#1. SEDCO Consultants

SEDCO Consultants Limited, Eldoret

SEDCO is a registered company dealing with valuation, estate management and development, and development consultancy.

SEDCO directors are current members of the Institute of Surveyors of Kenya, a land sector professional body that seeks to promote ethical performance by property developers in order to safeguard the interests of the public.

The company has existed for over 20 years, mainly covers Nairobi and the Rift Valley and has offices in Nairobi, Eldoret, and Nakuru.

Check Latest SEDCO Properties

Some of the latest rental properties listed by SEDCO in Eldoret include:

Daiman Apartment in West Indies. Located near 64 Secondary. 3 bedroom apartments, Master ensuite. Spacious parking space. @32,000

Sirwo Court at Elgon View Upper. 4 newly built 2 bedroom flats with a classic finish all ensuite @30,000

Chepkoilel. bedsitter units, free WIFI
Chepkoilel. bedsitter units with free WIFI

Chepkoilel. 132 bedsitter units, with free WIFI, security CCTV and guards, DSTV and ample parking. @6,500

Mwanzo Near Duka Mzee. 2 bedroom units in a secure area, full-time water and electricity. @30,000

Kapsoya, opposite Dc’s Offices. 2 bedroom units with tiled floor, spacious, gated environment and ample parking space. @20,000

Upper Elgon View. 5 bedroom bungalow master ensuite, sitting on ½ an acre piece of land. Spacious car park, in a gated serene environment. @100,000

Kapsoya Estate, Bush Area. 3 bedroom bungalow in its own compound with a 1 bedroom and single self sq, spacious parking space. @37,000

Alphax Car Wash. Single rooms with full-time water and electricity. @4,500

Shauri Moyo near Children’s Home. Single rooms. @4,000

Kipkaren Estate Guest House. Single rooms. @2,800

Kimumu. 1 bedroom unit. @6,500

SEDCO has a number of properties for sale. Like this three bedrooms bungalow in Hawaii, with own compound, master ensuite, spacious laundry area, attached sq. and an ample parking space.

Bungallow for sale in Hawai, Eldoret

If you are looking for a 4 bedroom mansionette, all en-suite with an attached sq, in a serene and secure environment around Elgon View, give SEDCO a call. They have a ready one for you.

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