Prophet Owuor caught cooking pictures of fake ‘fire from heaven’

Anyone interested in professional video editing would be interested in getting a combination of the best video editing software available.

Talk about the trusted Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Corel VideoStudio or the popular Pinnacle Studio Ultimate.

But did you know that modern-day ‘prophets’ actually need these powerful programs more than any media house?

Modern-day ‘prophets’ heavily rely on video editing to advance their kingdoms.

According to the Bible, prophets were known to be people that were always accompanied by signs and wonders.

Moses had a cloud leading the Israelites, and fire by night. Elijah called fire from heaven. But these liars have video editing software.

In one the most blatant and shameful examples of a sham, “prophet” Bushiri put together a video claiming the appearance of angels in one of his church services.
You need to watch the video and see that what appeared are cheesy postproduction special effects and not angels.

Fake fire from heaven

It goes without saying. Anyone who can call down fire from heaven is to be feared by men.
The reason one ‘prophet’ Owuor decided to call down fire using pictures of the sun’s rays captured in his meetings.
But a few months ago, the same type of ‘fire’ was captured in one of the Catholic gatherings at the Subukia shrines.  

One is left wondering. Is this the kind of fire that Elijah called down from heaven in the Bible? Why was it also seen at the Subukia shrines?

I think the modern-day ‘prophets’ have gone just too far. They are not to be feared by anyone.


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